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Exhibition Preview|The 82nd China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) Expo

Exhibition Preview|The 82nd China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) Expo

(Summary description)

Exhibition Preview|The 82nd China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) Expo

(Summary description)


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 Exhibition background  


The China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) was founded in 1979 and is held twice a year in spring and autumn, including exhibitions and forums. After more than 40 years of accumulation and precipitation, the exhibitionNow it has developed into an internationally leading global comprehensive service platform covering the entire medical device industry chain, integrating product technology, new product launches, procurement trade, brand communication, scientific research cooperation, academic forums, and education and training.


In 2019, as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued 5G commercial licenses to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Radio and Television on June 6, China officially entered the first year of 5G commercial use. Technology empowers great health. As an industry comprehensive service platform covering the entire medical device industry chain in the Asia-Pacific region, CMEF integrates product technology, service innovation, business cooperation, education and training, and academic exchanges.In October, Qingdao, we will continue to be wonderful in smart medical care!


 Auchen Bio


Ningbo Aocheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech biological enterprise focusing on the early detection, diagnosis, prevention and monitoring of diseases. By providing reliable, fast and convenient in vitro diagnostic products, it can provide accurate test results for diagnosis and treatment. At present, the company's biomedical team continues to conduct in-depth exploration and prospective research in the field of high-risk diseases for pregnant women such as hypertension.We will be committed to providing professional clinical diagnosis solutions for women and children's health.



  Booth information


Auchen Booth: S3M19



Auchen Booth: S3M19



Aucheer iRaTe time-resolved fluorescence immunoquantitative detection system


iRaTe 300 single channel

Fluorescence immunoassay analyzer

Zhejiang Machinery Note 20192220199


iRaTe1600 multi-channel

Fluorescence immunoassay analyzer

Zhejiang Machinery Note 20192220187



 Instrument characteristics


sample:Serum, plasma or whole blood

time:12min to complete the first test

Stablize:System CV≤15%, Instrument CV≤3%

灵敏:Sensitivity up to 0.001ng/mL

Quality control:Automatically import calibration, original factory quality control products, full project coverage


  Aucheer iRaTe PlGF detection reagent  


New testing products approved by Ningbo Aocheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.——Placental growth factor (PlGF) detection kit (immunofluorescence method)——Obtained the strongest recommendation of the "Practical Guidelines for Early Preeclampsia Screening and Prevention" issued by the International Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology (FIGO) on June 18, 2019, opening a new era of preeclampsia risk assessment and management.


The Aucheer iRaTe PlGF test reagent can help clinicians more reasonably carry out risk stratification and clinical assessment of high-risk factors and pregnant women with suspected preeclampsia, strengthen preeclampsia management, reduce or delay the occurrence and development of preeclampsia, and ensure mother-fetal safety.




Methodology:Time-resolved immunofluorescence

Linear range:12-3000pg/mL

Specimen type:Serum, plasma or whole blood


Detection time:12min

Can be connected to the LIS system in the hospital


Technical Support:400-008-6588
Business Mailbox:info1@aucheer.net
HR Mailbox :hr@aucheer.net
Address: North Building B, No. 885, Chunhua Rd., Wangchun Industrial Zone, Haishu District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China 
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