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School of Diagnostics|Diet Therapy for Hypertension in Pregnancy

School of Diagnostics|Diet Therapy for Hypertension in Pregnancy

(Summary description)

School of Diagnostics|Diet Therapy for Hypertension in Pregnancy

(Summary description)


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  Overview of Hypertension in Pregnancy  


Hypertension in pregnancy is a disease that pregnant women may get during pregnancy. The incidence rate is as high as 10%. It is a disease that only occurs during pregnancy. In other words, men and women who are not pregnant will not get pregnancy. hypertension。The main symptoms of hypertension during pregnancy are high blood pressure, and the patient’s weight suddenly increases abnormally, and there is pitting edema in the ankle or calf. If the condition is more serious, the patient may experience headaches, transient visual disturbances, convulsions, and even Hemolysis, pulmonary edema, etc. may occur.Patients and their families must pay attention to pregnancy-induced hypertension, control the condition from the beginning of the illness, and don't let it develop. It will not only harm the pregnant woman's own body, but also,It also affects the health of the fetus, and can easily lead to illness and even death of pregnant women and perinatal children.At present, there is no clear answer to the causes of hypertension during pregnancy. It is generally believed to be related to diseases such as the immune system, genetic factors, and diabetes. If the symptoms of hypertension in pregnancy are suspected, it is necessary to diagnose and treat early, and also to control the diet to control the development of the disease.



Will pregnancy-induced hypertension heal itself after pregnancy? Under normal circumstances, hypertension during pregnancy can be cured by itself after delivery. However, there will also be a small number of special cases where the pregnant women develop persistent hypertension after delivery, and the hypertension during pregnancy develops into a lifelong hypertension disease. If the blood pressure of the pregnant and lying-in woman returns to normal after delivery, there is no need to take antihypertensive drugs. Once the blood pressure of the pregnant and lying-in woman does not recover after delivery, she needs to seek medical treatment in time and may need to take antihypertensive drugs for a long time, and must pay great attention to the diet. Through the combination of medicine and food, high blood pressure is controlled and blood pressure remains stable.


 Essentials of Prevention and Treatment of Hypertension in Pregnancy


① As we all know, pregnant women will gain weight during pregnancy。Pregnant women with pregnancy-induced hypertension should pay more attention to weight changes。To increase the weight within a reasonable range, the rate of weight gain should not be too fast or too slow.


② Patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension must control their salt intake in their daily diet。Under normal circumstances, the salt intake of patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension should be controlled at about 5 grams. If severe edema occurs, immediately reduce the intake of salt. The intake of salt should be limited to 3 grams or less, and low-sodium salt should be consumed. It is best to use salt in a fixed amount for each meal.。


③ Patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension should eat less foods with higher sodium content,Such as oyster sauce, soy sauce, pickles, dried shrimps, dried shrimps, pickled foods, etc., these foods are generally salty and sodium, and should not be eaten by patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension.In additionFoods containing more food additives should not be eaten by patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension,sodium nitrate is contained in processed meat products such as bacon and ham, and preservatives are contained in bread and potato chips.


④ Patients with hypertension in pregnancy should eat more foods with high potassium content,Such as green leafy vegetables, fungi, citrus, etc. Beans and soy products are also rich in potassium, and patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension can consume more of these foods.



⑤ Patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension should consume less fat, especially foods with high cholesterol content and high saturated fat content。Fish, meat, eggs, and milk contain a lot of fat, and patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension should eat less. In addition, pork belly, beef and mutton, pork chops, duck and other meats contain a lot of cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, and patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension should not use it as much as possible. In addition, fried foods contain a lot of fat and are not suitable for consumption.


⑥ Patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension should avoid over-stress and overwork during work, take more rest, and develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early,if conditions permit, take a 30-minute nap to reduce the burden on your body。


⑦ Patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension should pay attention to eating more fresh fruits and vegetables in their daily diet,because fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin B and vitamin C, they have a certain positive effect on blood pressure control. Fruits can eat more apples, oranges, pears, etc. These fruits are not very high in sugar and are rich in vitamin C. Vegetables can be eaten more spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, etc. These vegetables are rich in nutrients and have no hard fiber, and they are easy to digest after they are cooked.


⑧ The diet of patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension should be regular and quantitative, and there should be no excessive hunger or overeating, let alone binge eating.In addition, we must also pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables, and intake of foods containing protein and vitamins every day to ensure that the various trace elements required by the body are in a relatively balanced state. At the same time, patients with gestational hypertension should be careful not to have a partial eclipse, each food has different effects, so patients with gestational hypertension should not have a partial eclipse, and the food they don't like should also be taken in an appropriate amount.


⑨ In order not to suffer from accidents, many pregnant women will reduce going out after pregnancy and recuperate at home。But patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension should perform appropriate exercises such as yoga during pregnancy to ensure their health.


Healthy eating habits are of great significance to healthy people and patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension. It is a very effective way to control high blood pressure for patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension. Diet therapy can not only control or lower blood pressure, but also make newborns healthier. Therefore, patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension must pay attention to their daily eating habits. , Adjust your daily routine, follow the above-mentioned dietary taboos, and control high blood pressure with a two-pronged approach。


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